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Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Real Name Steve. Once went to prison for a month. Now a full time carer. Part romany/part tyke. Father and Step-father, Grandad to 14 superb kids. Was an RMN. Was qualified Fitter, Was a Shop manager, Was a Warehouse manager. Was a retail assistant/floor fitter. was a plastics fabricator/glass fibre laminator. Was a Boat builder. The best job I've ever held is the one I hold now, caring for the woman I love and who has stood by me for these last 9 years.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


By the way to those of you who helped spur me into making this Blog and who I see are visiting it on a very regular basis, don't worry!

The disclosures here will be personal disclosures about myself, not about others, most of whom will, in the finest tradition of this type of writing, have their identities protected, besides, most of you are merely bit players on the stage of my life :)

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